Enjoy fine Cantonese and Thai cuisine with superb service, in elegant surroundings

Mr Frankie Tsang

The Four Seasons Chinese restaurant was founded 25 years ago by Mr Frankie Tsang, based in Lowesmoor, Worcester. In 2005, New Four Seasons was opened in Powick, and is now an upmarket Chinese restaurant having a good name in the county. Four Seasons is the longest running family Chinese restaurant in Worcester. The restaurant has an excellent reputation in the area for its high standard of food and service. Being the pioneer of Chinese restaurant in the county, to be able to sustain its stability and reputation is hard work.

Over the years, the Four Seasons has built a good name by serving quality food, with unique taste and always introduce different varieties of Chinese dishes. It is also well known for its splendid service with friendly staff, and the most important is it offers value for money courses and it is not just the rich people gets to dine in Four Seasons, but people of all walks of life. With a good name built over the years, this has given an advantage for Four Seasons to gain the customers’ trust. This can be explained when existing customers always return and also recommend to their friends and family about a good dining experience with the Four Seasons. This is the customer expectations, they are aware of the good reputation that Four Seasons has, and would always perceive this as a safe thing to do when recommend a good Chinese restaurants to their friends and families.

Frankie himself was educated locally, having grown up in the catering business under the watchful and expert eye of his father. Frankie’s children also attend local schools. After his family, Frankie’s other pride and joy is the quality of his cuisine and the high standard of service at the Four Seasons.

Wherever possible, he personally selects locally sourced produce of the freshest and highest quality. He journeys to the dish market at unearthly hours to ensure that only the best seafood reached our table! He employs highly skilled and talented staff that all pull together as one big happy and loyal team.

Frankie is also quite a wine expert. He has attended numerous wine courses and is really quite the connoisseur which of course means that you can rest assured that there is always the perfect wine to accompany your choice of meal.